Dialah yang memperlihatkan kepada kamu kilat, untuk menimbulkan ketakutan dan keinginan dan Dialah yang menyusun awan yang berat.

Dan bertasbihlah petir dengan memujiNya, dan malaikat pun lantaran takut kepadaNya, dan Dia kirimkan halilintar (kilat) dan Dialah timpakan kepada barangsiapa yang Dia kehendaki, namun mereka masih membantah tentang Allah, padahal Dia adalah sangat pedih siksaan.
(Surah Ar Ra’ad :12-13)

Selasa, 8 November 2011

Thunderbolt blues

Thunderbolt blues
Friday, November 4th, 2011

Puchong resident claims power source not weatherproof, TNB says otherwise

LIGHTNING has struck twice at IMRAN RAZALI's home this year in more ways than one.

Every time it hits his Jalan SP7/5, Saujana Puchong, residence, it causes a power load or overvoltage — and cost him in damaged household electrical appliances.

In fact, the problem has been plaguing IMRAN's house since 2007 and he is claiming Tenaga Nasional Berhad is not being helpful in resolving it.

"I experience this overload incident once a year until this year, when it stuck twice, in August and Oct 17."

IMRAN says every time it happened, some household electrical appliances are damaged.

"In the latest incident, I replaced a flat screen television, a ceiling fan, a microwave oven and even several ceiling light bulbs, some of which were replacements from previous overvoltage."

He says the next-door unit is also affected.

"My neighbours are, however, not complaining since they are only tenants renting the place."

IMRAN notices TNB technicians only used duct tapes on power transmission lines outside his home following the latest outage.

"Is that how professionals do their job?"

He says an independent contractor find no fault in the wiring and advises him to contact TNB Careline, which he claims is no help as a staff not only insulted him, but raised her voice and blamed him for the problem.

IMRAN wants the electric utility company to resolve his home power source issue, once and for all.

● A SPOKESMAN for Tenaga Nasional Berhad says investigations revealed the area's electrical installation is in "good working condition".

"This was confirmed by our checks at 12 other houses that receive electricity supply from the same network or line as IMRAN’s home. They were not affected by any incidence of overvoltage on that day."

The spokesman advises the customer to appoint a competent electrical contractor registered with the Energy Commission to conduct a thorough check of his internal wiring.

When contacted, IMRAN said TNB was blaming the consumer for something they were supposed to be experts in.

"Why ask me to keep calling contractors when I have clearly told them I have done so? TNB is again blaming me."

IMRAN says he will lodge an official complaint with the Energy Commission

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